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2015 CSA Fall December 19 Planet Earth Diversified

2015 CSA    Fall    December 19   Planet Earth Diversified

Final CSA for 2015 – 2016 Begins Jan 2

  • milk thistle pesto
  • arugula pesto
  • Mixed Field Greens
  • Rainbow Chard
  • Arugula Greens
  • Red Kale
  • Rosemary
  • Baby Sorrel
  • Poultry Herbs
  • Basil
  • Dill
  • Bay Laurel
  • Flat Parsley
  • Butternut Squash
  • Sweet Potatoes
  • Papaya

2015 CSA    Fall    December 19 Planet Earth Diversified               

Both milk thistle and arugula pesto are included this week with your CSA share and some big Butternut Squash – they are not in the box get them separately! 11 minutes all about the green papaya and the ginger we have been providing as part of our research with Virginia State University.

milk Thistle

milk Thistle

Milk Thistle, which is included in your CSA share this week in the form of pesto. This plant has long been known to have healthy properties, containing silymarin, and “has no equivalent in the pharmaceutical drug world”; for over 2,000 years it has been revered as a protector of the liver. “In fact, in cases of poisoning with Amanita mushrooms, which destroy the liver, milk thistle is the only treatment option. It has been so dramatically effective that the treatment has never been disputed, even by the traditional medical community.” See the website for the quoted material and more information. In the cyclical pattern that we make the pesto of milk thistle, which is generally in spring and in fall, it is savored as a seasonal tonic. You will find milk thistle in stores as high priced extracts, or supplement pills and tablets, especially of the seed, to economic dried preparation of the plant for tea. The same healing properties that the seeds are touted so much about are present throughout the entire plant. Then add the benefit of being able to include it in the diet as a freshly harvested herb by eating the pesto. If hiking or would like to nibble from environments that you consider clean to harvest from, the leaf can be folded along its spine, aligning up the thorns on the edges of the leaf and trimmed to be eaten; the leaf can be used as a rolled up treat or as a wrap in a meal. As a pesto, it can be incorporated into your diet in classic fashions such as topping pasta or spreading on pizza or tried as a sandwich spread for a new twist. Hope you all have a blessed week!



Kale Fruit Salad

Kale Fruit Salad

Green-Papaya-Wanda Johnson

Green-Papaya-Wanda Johnson

Storm Damage and Fire

Thanks to everyone! I am Doing ok – lots of burn ointment and aloe, kinda scary looking- losing face has a new meaning now! At Planet Earth Diversified we are doing lots of cleaning up and repairing here with over a dozen trees down some melted irrigation and electrical panels. REC has 3 phase power restored but the house power still out with lines on the ground and the road blocked by trees. I hope everyone plays really safe with their gensets and avoids this kind of incident – I see desperate people in all the big box stores looking for generators, we have loaned some to friends – i hope you all keep them far away from the house -let them cool before you work on them or add oil or fuel – and get a fire extinguisher… Don’t let this happen to you!

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DIY moment: Deer, wildcrafting and chemical warfare

Why i like to lay out at night between 1am and 4am….

decides to present itself in the middle of the day, munchin on my hard work, no less…

Hey, you got some pretty yummy stuff…Thanks!

Here’s a look at where i lay with my gun:

hunting stand

The Stand

Yes, i wildcraft meat, too.  Makes good sausages, food gifts, cat food, roasts, etc.  Makes good bar-b-q and chili.  And it satiates my desire to not ever eat meat that i didn’t prepare or catch on a hook.  I know what these deer are eating. Positioned over the lower field, all my shots are down into the ground.  🙂 And i catch the occasional breeze thru the sassafras.

BTW, venison goes great with garlic mustard (which is all thru American lands now).  Garlic mustard is on the “must wildcraft” list.  See video for chemical warfare reference.