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DIY moment: Deer, wildcrafting and chemical warfare

Why i like to lay out at night between 1am and 4am….

decides to present itself in the middle of the day, munchin on my hard work, no less…

Hey, you got some pretty yummy stuff…Thanks!

Here’s a look at where i lay with my gun:

hunting stand

The Stand

Yes, i wildcraft meat, too.  Makes good sausages, food gifts, cat food, roasts, etc.  Makes good bar-b-q and chili.  And it satiates my desire to not ever eat meat that i didn’t prepare or catch on a hook.  I know what these deer are eating. Positioned over the lower field, all my shots are down into the ground.  🙂 And i catch the occasional breeze thru the sassafras.

BTW, venison goes great with garlic mustard (which is all thru American lands now).  Garlic mustard is on the “must wildcraft” list.  See video for chemical warfare reference.