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Storm Damage and Fire

Thanks to everyone! I am Doing ok – lots of burn ointment and aloe, kinda scary looking- losing face has a new meaning now! At Planet Earth Diversified we are doing lots of cleaning up and repairing here with over a dozen trees down some melted irrigation and electrical panels. REC has 3 phase power restored but the house power still out with lines on the ground and the road blocked by trees. I hope everyone plays really safe with their gensets and avoids this kind of incident – I see desperate people in all the big box stores looking for generators, we have loaned some to friends – i hope you all keep them far away from the house -let them cool before you work on them or add oil or fuel – and get a fire extinguisher… Don’t let this happen to you!

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Planting in the Hoop House

It is still frozen outside and a frigid wind is blowing, but we are planting carrots, greens, chard, kohlrabi, and many others. 

Planting Chard plugs

Planting Chard plugs in the beds

Walkin Greens Hoop House

Walkin Greens Hoop House

We are still growing our salad mix and baby arugula watercress tatsoi lettuce and sorrels in the heated greenhouses, but now we have expanded our high tunnel greens production to bring you more vegetables and greens even earlier this season.

Check here for our most recent ‘Fresh Specials’ sheet -highlighting the freshest new items available in the coming week, and our full product listing. We are working at this very moment on new photos and tips for our entire line of ‘year round’ production . We will be working in our test kitchen producing videos with Chefs using our produce, herbs, and products. Got an idea?

October…More fresh pics: Greens focus


Into October and we still have those beautiful peppers and eggplant heirloom varieties…see previous post for some pics of those.  Today’s post is dozens of images from the farm of our greens and herbs…check it out! Keep in mind that this is not everything we grow, just a facet, and we will be back posting about the variety of pumpkins we want to share with you… 😉