Fresh and Hot for 1st Week of February

There have been cold nights!

There has been snow!

Never fear – we are still growing! Still providing the best chefs with the best product year round. Here is a short clip -1 minute and 44 secs that will give you a quick tour inside our many greenhouses to see what is Hot and Fresh this week! Chef Perry gets a winter wonderland experience of aromatic fresh herbs and exciting ideas using greens and herbs of superb quality in the middle of a cold Virginia winter.

We still have the clamshell boxes of Arugula, Mix, and Watercress in good supply. The flowers and garnishes can get snatched up quickly for Valentines Day, so now is a good time to call in. The January 17 fresh list still prevails, with a new crop of Pea Shoots! Our main pestos this week are Sorrel (red and green) and Watercress with very high demand on the Basil Pesto. Micro color mix and micro greens have a specific grow cycle so be sure to let us know what you would like: get your orders in early. In general, we are supplying our full range of culinary herbs and microgreens with daily fresh cut orders. Spinach, Tomatoes, cucumbers are committed to advance orders. Red jalapenos (and other chilis) are available, green are in shorter supply.