Fresh and Hot for Week of Jan 17 2011

Fresh List Availablity January 17 through February

Beginning the new year with a Chef Tour – Chef Perry tours the farm and gets ideas for new dishes. Examining the different flavor and qualities of the same plants grown to different sizes and in different environments, we experience new and surprising variations and shatter expectations. We hope to bring you more video tours of of farm by our chefs – so you can get ideas too! If you are one of our chefs and would like to set up your personal video tour cantact us on the order line.

This week:

  • Wonderful green and tender chervil – a few chervil flowers available too.


  • Arugula in 8×8 clamshells to be cut fresh Monday and Wednesday, a few arugula flowers from the larger arugula sets.

    Arugula Flowers

  • Baby cucumbers with blossoms.

    Baby Cucumber

  • Red Jalapenos from the greenhouse – Fresnos

    Jalapeno red fresno

  • Rosemary top garnish

    Rosemary Tops

  • Baby red kale

    Baby Kale

  • Baby Mizuna

    Baby Mizuna

  • Watercress micro and full size


  • Micro amaranth, nano amaranth, and big leaf amaranth

    Nano AmaranthMicro Amaranth

  • Shiso tops


  • Micro Red Mustard

    Micro Red Mustard

  • Micro Collards
  • Micro Tatsoi
  • Micro Celery

    Micro Celery

  • Micro Red Basil

    Micro Opal Basil

  • Micro Green Basil
  • Baby Beet leaf

    Bulls Blood Micro Beet Leaf

  • Red Vein Sorrel

    Red Vein Sorrel

  • Green Sorrel


  • Basil  Bow Tie Tops

    Basil Bow Tie Tops

  • Lemongrass


  • Fresh bay leaf or stems

    Fresh Bay

  • Pineapple sage and a few flowers

    Pineapple Sage

  • Nasturtium leaf and edible flowers

    Nasturtium Leaf and Flower

  • Pea Shoots and tendrils!

    Pea Shoots and Tendrils

  • Thai Basil Flowers

    Thai Basil

  • Video of the tour with above items featured: uploading available soon…..