2018 CSA Winter February 17th Collards

2018 CSA Winter February 17th Collards

  • Eggs
  • Papaya
  • Arugula 10×10
  • Kale 10×10
  • Chervil
  • Sage
  • Collard Bunch
  • Poultry Herb Mix
  • Microgreens

A new take on eating collard greens:  Crazy Cajun wraps…Baba Yaga rolls…whatever you call them, they are an easy and quick way to enjoy your collards this week.  We took grated ginger, ham, onion, sweet peppers & cardamom,  sprinkled this chopped blend with balsamic then wrapped this in a collard leaf and fastened it with a toothpick. Finished by pouring olive oil around and over top a bit…cooked for 15 mins @ 350…then sat for 5 in cooling oven. The collard bunch can also be chopped up for a classic southern dish…fry up some onion in butter, add water (and a meat, such as ham or bacon, Virginia style, or you can use leftover bone like we did in Louisiana. Cook in your pot; add seasoning if you like, and put in your chopped collards. Cover and cook until tender. Personally, i do not prefer over-cooking as is custom. The timing is up to you .

Yummy and nutritious bonuses this week in papaya and a dozen eggs. We like the papaya cubed and dressed in lime juice, which is a traditional approach. Having the eggs included with arugula makes easily one of my favorite combos…try it added to your scrambled eggs this week! Enjoy!