2018 CSA Winter February 10th Solar

2018 CSA Winter February 10th Solar

Solar energy at the farm creates all the plant growth and now provides some of our electrical needs.

  • Arugula 10×10
  • Salad Mix 10×10
  • Chervil
  • Thai Basil Box
  • Sage
  • Rosemary
  • Poultry Herb Mix
  • Micro Collards
  • Micro Cilantro
  • Fresh Eggs

Some of you may have already seen parts of the progress we have been making on building steel frames and installing solar panels here at the farm, but for those who haven’t seen the photos, check out these thus far. Soon I will report back with up-to-date photos to show how Michael has taken it a step further.

This greenhouse here, in the photo above, just behind Michael, now has a rain collection system installed all around it so that the water can be captured for use (after filtering, testing, sanitizing, etc) while also helping to prevent erosion and flooding in the fields that are past this greenhouse and down the hill.

In addition to these improvement towards sustainability and stewardship here at the farm, the solar array is growing bit by bit when the weather is right for welding, we’re not getting stuck in the mud, and time allows. Three rows of ten now rest in an angular nest of steel that will take two more rows before completion.

Much gratitude for all your support over the years! Make it a great week