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What’s Hot: peppers, tomatoes, cucs, oh my!

wheatgrass trays for décor and juicing; yes, careful: cats like chewing on it, too….

raspberries (half pints, hand picked daily) we make frozen drinks and crème pops from this fruit, too

limited citrus: currently, Calmondin oranges, kaffir limes and bitter orange (great for zest, calmondins are fantastic scissor cut into drinks [i cut them into “flowering wedges” and leave whole under ice], used as a salad dressing, marmalade, glaze etc.  The skins are much thinner and more edible than the other 2.

flats of tomatoes (the hand pollinated classics that got me addicted to farming and heirlooms from the field that are coming soon)

cases of peppers (we get all seed verified, specializing in Hatch, NM and Pepper Institute varieties…please note that we have taken the “Safe Seed Pledge”)

arugula  (8×8 box of baby green)

watercress (8×8 box of clean top growth)

tatsoi (8×8 box of baby green; all are ready to use from the box)

lemon verbena (garnish, syrups, muddled drinks, stewed with fruits, chicken, fish, tea)

rose geranium (ditto above, all applies…contains more of the chemistry of the scent for rose than a rose! )

tis the season to dress in mint!

english, thin skinned  cucumbers

squash, & squash blossoms

potatoes, check for availability… lots of Adirondack reds i can remember off the top of my head…

mixed heirloom eggplant varieties, including the Louisiana green, Japanese Bride, etc.

superb jalapeño jelly; we do have by the case… red fire jelly is the hottest variety (caution!)

pesto varieties… basil, sorrel, watercress, arugula, etc.  also made to order for vegan requests, etc.

flat leaf parsley, sage, rosemary, thyme, oregano, marjoram, spearmint, peppermint, dill, basil, thai basil, (see also microgreens for many herbs are available as such also), red shiso, lemon verbena, rose geranium, pineapple sage, nasturtium in leaf and flower, mixed edible flower chef boxes, black leaf amaranth (wine colored), baby beet leaf, mixed color Chard, fig leaves, wild grape leaves,  wildcrafted garlic mustard, now is the season for wildcrafting goldenrod, anise hyssop, Echinacea, ginger root (not harvest time yet)

its summer: did i mention basil, mint, & dill? cilantro: hard to grow in this heat, but we’ve got some!

greens, lettuces, etc: like kale, kohlrabi, colored chard, etc.

im sure there is more but i have to run out on delivery…. catch Mike at the Forest Lakes farmers market

Pesto Recipe Ideas…

So many types of pesto, so little time…

  • sandwich spread (try with grilled cheese and tomatoes)

    Pesto Crustini on Nasturtiums

    Pesto Crustini on Nasturtiums

  • add to sauces and soups
  • blend with yogurt for salad dressing
  • stuff salmon or other fish
  • add dollop to rice for infusion
  • top crustinis or crackers for party snacks
  • spread on pizza base, or blend with tomato sauce
  • garnish a steak salad
  • create your own dip with sour cream or cream cheese

Recipe: Chicken Salad Sandwich

    2 cups of chicken
    3 tbs of cream cheese
    2 tbs of sour cream and 1 1/2 tbs of pesto
    blend by hand until creamy
    add favorite sandwich garnishes…such as micro celery greens and tomatoes

For a “Spring Chicken Salad Sandwich” consider a few of our favorite garnishes of micro mustard, violets, rose petals, wild crafted garlic mustard, shiso and other greens.

Pesto, essentially “paste”, is also made from our raspberry crops and is used as a different sort of pesto.  Makes great thumbprint cookies, spreads, cake layers, hot tea, etc.

Joshua Wilton explores the raspberry...yum!

(Be sure to check out what Joshua Wilton does with raspberries…this is one of my favorites.)