Planet Earth Diversified CSA for 2016

Our new fresh produce  CSA Planet Earth Diversified (community supported agriculture) for 2016 has begun! Register or if you are already a member use your email to login (or send your password if you forgot or don’t know what it is) PayOnline You can select your season and any add ons you wish.

Last year each $300 share received nearly $1000.00 of market produce! That’s a 3 to 1 value!

 Chart of Value of Your CSA share Year

Value of Your CSA share Year

Winter shares happening now – Farm Pickups January Thru March.

Market pickups will launch the first market Saturday in April! For the Spring Summer and Fall shares.

We offer shares 3 months each  yearly.  $300 per share (more with optional eggs and wheatgrass addons)

  • Winter: January February March
  • Spring: April May June
  • Summer: July August September
  • Fall: October November December

Our distribution will be Saturday 7am till 1pm at the Charlottesville City Market and Tuesday 4pm till 7pm at the Forest Lakes Market. Shares will be held in the refrigerated truck and extras will be available for normal purchase.

Details of the prior years distributions and value provided:

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Give us hints and requests for what you would like to see this year. See the Forums

To Sign Up and for more info see