2016 CSA winter January 20/24

2016 CSA winter         January 20-24       PlanetEarthDiversified               


We are sending CSA out early so you have it if you’re snowed in Friday and Saturday

  • ·         Mixed Field Greens
  • ·         Tuscan Kale Greens
  • ·         Baby Red Sorrel
  • ·         Chervil
  • ·         Cilantro
  • ·         Dill
  • ·         Milk Thistle pesto
  • ·         Rose Geranium
  • ·         Butternut Squash
  • ·         Sweet Potatoes
  • ·         Pea Shoots

Surprise! Don’t throw those ribs away! No im not talking about pork or beef but sweet pea shoots. These often discarded parts are sweet right now and serve as a luscious replacement for celery stalks. Try it! you just might like it 😉 Of course the leaf is sweet and serves both th health and palate of the practitioner. As a vegetarian i appreciate the ability of sweet pea to remind me of spring even in the dead of winter. Heat you up as it cools you off, pea shoots are a wonderful medicine.

Pea shoot greens can be added to your juice routine if you are wanting a savory twist with say lemon or orange. Great straw treat while making lunch or dinner, and can invigorate some creative juices.

Red Sorrel was introduced to us by the awesome Mike Perry of Harvest Moon Catering. My brother rocks the house! and boy, some yummy creations…thank you!! Sorrel is the flavor we usually reserve for fish steaks, Cut from the side like a sandwich roll, pesto smeared inside, baked, and topped with balsamic reduced/roasted pecans. Finish this dish with a scoop of rice, with a tablespoon of pesto added to the water of the rice in prep. Voila! Have fun with your garnish, maybe you have an edible flowering shrub around, or how about a sprig of the dill this week. Bed the fish on your mixed field greens and you have a classic PED meal. This week’s pesto flavor is one of my all time favorite, not because it is so popular, but because it is so helpful. Milk Thistle! the ultimate mother of cleaning…the liver that is. And with our liver tied to so much, use this pesto just as you would any other, slather it on sandwiches, pasta, pizza, in a frittata, a quiche, the possibility is endless in the kitchen. And it is much more fun that that medicine cabinet! Yall stay well this wet weekend, and know we are thinking of you and what may inspire you… let us know!