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Balloon Cam Lost In Virginia

We are taking some aerial photos of the farm with our experimental ballon cam. Unfortunately when testing a new tether arrangement the cord had a defect and the balloon and mounted camera escaped. We tracked it toward Gordonsville and Orange until we lost sight of it in the bright blue sky.

Please help us find it! Here is a projected wind track. And some photos of the launching and some of the early test shots. You can see some more about it on Facebook too.

Wind Tracking Directions

May 5 2011 our camera floated by 2 helium weather balloons broke free from it’s teather. It was last seen floating north east from Standardsville in Greene County. Plastic encased waterproof small camera attached to a black platic plate about the size of a license plate with 2 latex natural color balloons. It will come down eventually – Reward Offered. Call toll free 877-ARUGULA if you have any information or if you saw it floating over.

Aerial View From BalloonCAM

Aerial View From BalloonCAM


Weather Balloon CAM

Weather Balloon Filling


Balloon CAM Launch

Balloon CAM Launch - just before the tether broke