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Red, White and Blue Potatoes: Adirondack and Norland

Pretty exciting to dig fresh baby potatoes yesterday…checked in on the pink fingerlings, Yukon gold, etc, but it was the Adirondack reds and blues and the Norland varieties that were ready to go.  It takes the culmination of years of work to be able to kneel in soft chocolate-y brown soil and sift out radiant nuggets of beauty that have been grown naturally.  Growing food that meets our standards and keeps step with natures’ cycles & demands is still magical for me.  And it is a joy to share it with you:

We brought fresh water to a boil over these potatoes for just a few minutes, until tender by a fork, and found that the Norlands needed just a minute or so more cooking time than the Adirondacks.  Also, we found a slightly creamier consistency to the Norlands, and i’m guessing, due to starch size and arrangement in the potato.   It felt on the tongue that the flesh had less “graininess” and a finer molecule build.  The cooked buds were gently rolled in soft butter and then devoured immediately 🙂