CSA Distribution May 9 2015


2015 CSA                Spring           May 9th                     Planet Earth Diversified

Ø  ChardØ  Kale

Ø  European Cucumbers

Ø  Nasturtium Flowers

Ø  Broccoli

Ø  Cilantro

Ø  Parsley

Ø  Poultry Herb Blend

Ø  Thai Basil

Ø  Oregano

Ø  Chives

Ø  Micro Color Mix


Nasturtium flowers, European cucumbers and some of the season’s first broccoli are all part of the CSA share this week.   Nasturtium flowers are a favorite of ours in the mixed edible flower boxes we make, having a bit of sweetness as well as a touch of piquancy. They go well in salads, spring rolls and omelettes. Mike has stuffed them with crab dip for a savory presentation. He has also filled them with whipped cream and dusted them with cocoa for a sweet treat. For the longest time I believed that nasturtium is in the same family as watercress, but I was mistaken! These two do share a bit of a bite in flavor and the growing habit of liking “a wet foot”, or a regular source of water. We use them therapeutically for ear, nose and throat. “The flowers contain about 130 mg vitamin C per 100 grams (3.5 oz), about the same amount as is contained in parsley. Moreover, they contain up to 45 mg of lutein per 100 gr, which is the highest amount found in any edible plant”, please see wiki for reference on that quote about nasturtium. Suggestion for this week: cut a cucumber, soak it in a light vinegar and garnish with the flowers of nasturtium for a palate pleaser.