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ChickWeed Pesto – taste of spring

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Chickweed pesto healthy and fresh taste like spring!

What is Chickweed?

Other names: Stellaria media, starweed, mouse ear, satinflower, tongue grass

Chickweed is a plant native to Europe. It grows across North America as a common weed. The parts used medicinally are the leaves, stems and flowers.

Chickweed has been used in folk medicine for skin conditions, indigestion and a variety of other conditions, such as cough, rhematoid arthritis, psoriasis, stomach ulcers and as a blood tonic/cleanser. We have some customers that use it for reducing benign swelling or lumps.

Chickweed should not be used internally by pregnant or nursing women or children without the advice of a physician.

Chickweed, like many fresh succulent winter greens, contains nitrate. Do not consume excessive quantities repeatedly over time. If you are sensitive to nitrate poisoning check with your health care practitioner. Symptoms may include weakness, headache, fainting, bluish fingers and lips and dizziness.


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