2017 CSA Fall November 11th Planet Earth Diversified Turmeric

2017 CSA Fall November 11th  Turmeric

•Poultry Herbs
•Anaheim Peppers
•Bell Peppers
•Butternut Squash
•Delicata Squash
•Yellow Squash

Killing Frost this weekend -it’s already less than 30F as we pack up this evening – lots of winter squash along with the peppers and eggplant.
Turmeric and Tomatoes are added to the box just before pickup or selected from the display at the market.
Poultry Herbs and dill this week along with the last harvest of peppers and yellow summer squash.
Watercress is one of the world’s healthiest foods…from the way we grow the watercress to the way we cut and chill it, great care is given to create the most potentiality for taste and nutrition. Known for being a peppery, dark, leafy green that grows with a wet foot along creeks and ditches, we bring it up off the ground and grow it on benches…it cascades over the sides, looking for more footing.
Harvesting Turmeric as the season turns cold – a great healing rhizome with anti-inflammatory properties.