2016 CSA Spring April 2nd

2016 CSA Spring April 2nd

  • Rainbow Chard
  • Baby Salad Mix 8×8
  • Baby Arugula 8×8
  • Baby Sorrel
  • Baby Red Ribbed Sorrel
  • Poultry Herb Blend
  • Flat Parsley
  • Dill
  • Cilantro
  • Mint
  • Rose Geranium
  • Butternut Squash
  • Sorrel Pesto

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Yea! Happy Spring! This marks the beginning of the farmer’s market and the spring CSA season. There is so much to celebrate spring for and we had Michael’s birthday just last week in the time many blossoms herald an increase in sun. One of the many reasons i fell in love with Virginia over 25 years ago is her biodiversity…we live in one of the most biodiverse regions in all of the United States.

2016 CSA Spring April 2nd Gill of the Ground

Gill of the Ground

It was fascinating to come across plants that i had only read about in books. Pictured above with the scallop lobed leaves and small flowers is one of those plants: gill-o-th-ground, or glechoma hederacea. In older years, this plant was used for “painter’s colic”, which was caused by lead in paints at the time. Gather up some of this low-lying herb and enjoy it in a cup of tea. The young leaves are also used in salads.

2016 CSA Spring April 2nd Violets


At the very top there is a photo of purple violets. The leaves, flowers and root have edible/medicinal uses and the flowers right now are just blooming in our region making for an easy trail-side snack or special garnish. We eat these all the time. There are some violets at higher elevations that are yellow, but because we rarely see them, we do not eat those. Be aware and do not gather in close proximity to roadways as there are toxins that get into the plants.

2016 CSA Spring April 2nd Redbud


This last photo is the redbud tree, which has crisp, slightly tart flowers coming out, even before its leaves, making it easy to spot.      To your health & pleasure, always, love, leslie.