Oct 21_2016 sweet potatoes

2016 CSA Fall October 22nd Sweet Potatoes

2016 CSA Fall October 22nd

  • Gourmet Cucumber
  • Sweet Potatoes
  • Hatch peppers
  • Padron peppers
  • Bell Peppers
  • Eggplant
  • Butternut Squash
  • Baby Ginger
  • Tatsoi Greens
  • Patty Pan Squash
  • Baby Arugula

First Digging of sweet potatoes. High Moisture variations this year create the Cracking and splitting – but they are tasty!

Oct 21_2016 sweet potatoes

Oct 21_2016 sweet potatoes

Pictured at right is a view of the baby arugula growing on the bench in the greenhouse. And below, Mike is out in the lower field working in the raised beds. Being the engineer, he specially welded his own implement to lay and shape the compost enriched soil.

To answer a question posed by one of our members, “What do i do with this patty pan squash?” here are a few suggestions: roast slices in the oven, using olive oil or butter, for about 30 minutes until tender. It can also be grilled, stuffed, or  made into a soup. We rarely have the opportunity to spend a lot of time on dinner, so often it is either cut into slices and sautéed in the cast iron or it ends up in the crock pot. Be sure to use a wide, sharp knife when cutting for the best results; a dull knife can be dangerous.

In the microcosm of the farm, there is evidence of the great biodiversity that is the Blue Ridge. With the touch of rain yesterday, it is the perfect time to catch a peek of the most prolific time of year for fungi in these parts. Hope you get an opportunity to get a walk-about to perchance encounter a mycorrhizal relationship or other fungi. Some take longer to mature but most are growing in the first half of the day, reaching peak around noon. Often specimens encountered late in the day have already been decimated by bugs or other critters. These cooler overcast days are ideal for discovery! J At right, is a type of amanita.