red white and blue potatoes

2015 CSA Summer July 4th

2015 CSA                Summer           July 4th                     Planet Earth Diversified

  •   Chard
  •   Collards
  •   Lacinato Kale
  •   Spring Onions
  •   Baby Beet bunch
  •   Tomatoes
  •   Cucumber
  •   Potatoes
  •   Early Garlic
  •   Shallots
  •   Mint
  •   Lemongrass
  •   Basil
  •   Zucchini/Squash
  •   Chives
  •   Squash Blossoms

For a refreshing tonic, try combining cucumber, mint, lemongrass and basil for a chilled infusion. The ingredients can be thinly sliced into a pitcher of water and set to chill in the fridge. Since lemongrass is fibrous, cut lengthwise and crush with a rolling pin. For a different approach, process through a blender and strain, adding water to taste. Could be a satisfying surprise to share over the holiday weekend. J To your pleasure and your health!