2015 CSA fall November 28

2015 CSA Fall November 28

2015 CSA Fall November 28

December 19 will be last CSA distribution for 2015 – extra large share since no market on Dec 26 2015 and many members are unavailable for Farm Pickup .

The 2016 CSA farm pickup will Start January 2, 2016.

Mixed Field Greens
Rainbow Chard
Arugula Greens
Dinosaur Kale
Poultry Herbs
Bay Laurel
Flat Parsley
Butternut Squash
Baby Ginger
Sweet Potatoes

As everyone is running around like chickens with their heads chopped off, we thought you might like a special addition to your Share: pesto! With family visiting and extra mouths to feed, having a tub of pesto goes a long way. If you have yogurt, you have salad dressing. How about a roast? Well, try a little rub. Sauces? Soups? How about fresh caught fish! Where i come from, it is “fisherman’s paradise” and having a slather of pesto across fish..Divine! Sorrel is the flavor we usually reserve for salmon steaks, cut from the side like a sandwich roll, pesto smeared inside, baked, and topped with balsamic reduced/roasted pecans. Finish this dish with a scoop of rice, with a tablespoon of pesto added to the water of the rice in prep. Voila! Have fun with your garnish, maybe you have an edible flowering shrub around, or how about a sprig of the dill this week. Bed the fish on your arugula greens and you have a classic PED meal. This week’s pesto flavor is my all time favorite, not because it is so popular, but because it is so helpful. Basil.
King. Royal. Loyal and true…the ultimate anti-depressant in our garden. And with tender leaves, aromatic, and “like butter” body to work with, how can you go wrong? Even with good leaf turgidity, the sweet leaf has a curved shape and turned upside down can resemble a boat. Hence, in magical concoctions in the kitchen, basil pesto definitely does the trick. So don’t be blue this week, warm up with some pesto instead. If you are entertaining, try it as a smear on a cracker with a wedge of cheese and tomato. If as a dip, dilute with a pure olive oil.