2017 CSA Fall October 21, 2017 Sorrel Winter Squash Peppers

Sorrel Winter Squash Peppers

Sorrel is a leaf vegetable that is tart and tangy. This green can be eaten raw or cooked. Worldwide it can be found as the main ingredient in sorrel soups, served warm or chilled. There are curry recipes that include sorrel. It is very popular to combine with cream as a sauce. A simple sauce can be made to top off fish, chicken, potatoes, and other veggies. Here is a simple recipe to make use of all of your sorrel and ½ a cup of cream. Heat a skillet and melt butter. Chop your sorrel as large or as fine as you like and add to heat, just wilting the leaves. Pour in your cream and when it approaches a boil, reduce until the cream sauce coats the back of a spoon. Slather this on your cooked meat or veggies. Sorrel makes a yummy pesto which is also great for fish and potatoes. The onions included in your share this week go well as a pan roasted start for soup and you can utilize your garlic by making pesto. Try combining sorrel sauce with a garnish of sliced tomatoes for a nice twist. More rare are recipes combining fruits such as strawberries or peaches with sorrel. It adds a punch to smoothies and is a welcome addition to salads. I like to cut it into a salad of apples with nuts. When the peaches come, I want to try a recipe suggestion from whiteonricecouple.com: peach and sorrel salad, which is torn sorrel leaves topped with peaches and dressed with a vinaigrette salad dressing of honey, grapeseed oil, balsamic vinegar and vanilla. Yum!
Our sorrel won in an international cooking competition when the Inn at Little Washington took it to France with them. We hope you will enjoy a little extra zing this week in your meal preparations! Bon appétit!



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2017 CSA Fall October 13, 2017 Watercress

2017 CSA Fall October 13, 2017 Watercress


  • Watercress 8×8
  • Dill Chef Box
  • Chervil Chef Box
  • Heirloom hot peppers
  • Micro Color Mix
  • Baby Arugula 8×8
  • Rainbow Anaheim Hatch Peppers
  • Green bell pepper
  • Sage Chef Box

A different herb for you to try this week: Chervil. “Chervil is used, particularly in France to season poultry, seafood, vegetable soups and sauces. More delicate than parsley, it has a faint taste of licorice or aniseed. Chervil is one of the four traditional French fines herbs, along with tarragon, chives, and parsley, which are essential to French cooking. Unlike the more pungent, robust herbs, thyme, rosemary, etc., which can take prolonged cooking, the fines herbs are added at the last minute, to salads, omeletes, and soups.” (partial quote from Wikipedia page).


Watercress is one of the worlds’s healthiest foods…from the way we grow the watercress to the way we cut and chill it, great care is given to create the most potentiality for taste and nutrition. Known for being a peppery dark leafy green that frows with a wet foot along creeks and ditches, we bring it up off the ground and grow it on benches…it cascades over the sides, looking for more footing. This herb brought a happy smile to my face whilst i was hiking high in Western New Mexico…the excruciating altitude change had brought on a massive headache and i sought comfort in shaded wet rocks along a creek run. There nestled calmly and absolutely was the watercress. What a refief to see such a welcome plant from home! I checked up stream and around about, found the land to be in use for cattle, probably a land management deal, and set about getting a clean cut. That cut was just magnificent. With time, water, watercress and rest i was able to move onward.  

To your health and pleasure, always! with love, leslie



CSA Fall October 7, 2017 Rosemary and Sage

CSA Fall October 7, 2017 Rosemary and Sage

  • Purple and White Eggplant Medley
  • Squash Blossoms
  • Mix peppers
  • Micro Color Mix
  • Baby Salad Mix
  • Baby Arugula 8×8
  • Multi-Color Anaheim Hatch Peppers
  • Red bell pepper
  • Squash Blossoms
  • Rosemary Clamshell
  • Sage Clamshell

Welcome back! Sorry, that we missed you last week, but parts on all of our vehicles are wearing out we had a fuel pump failure…such is the delight of our engineering minds as we roll the dice on repairs to keep going.

Winter squash are nearing ripeness, even with dry weather the peppers keep going and the summer squash is retiring.  We have had nights in the 30s but still lots of sun daily…rainy days may be coming in the next week.

The classic teas you have come asking for will soon return; unfortunately, harvest was too late for a tea making operation so I will try again next week. If you would like to try the raw herbs that are my mainstay, just ask, as flowering tops are available for brewing or taking home. The following list is the fruits of the labor of our Awesome Team of GreenHouse 6: Lavender blossoms, Elegant Salvia (Pineapple Sage)with blossoms, and Lemon Verbena blossoming tops. They were also able to bring back extra peppers and citrus whilst harvesting the sweet potato “octopus” arm. I just leave mine draped in the kitchen, pinching off leaves and tips to eat fresh, enjoying the rich dense kiss of spicy perfume. We hope you find new joy in the kitchen this week. Enjoy the opportunity for stocking up whilst the cornucopia of harvest rolls in…if not used fresh, your Chef Boxes of Sage and Rosemary can be chopped and dried on paper towels or frozen for future use. Or decoratively they can be tied and bundled to hang upside down in your kitchen apothecary.  Consider a smudge, bath or steam sweat to honor any excess, if you like. To your health and pleasure, always!